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Just a few pointers on how to use this site – though (hopefully) there are not too many obstacles in your way. Keep an eye on the little icons, and soon you'll find things very easy... The looking glass always leads to images and descriptions, yellow arrow to the side points to the DownloadCenter, green and blue down-arrows point to downloads (lots and dependencies).

The mainmenue top right keeps all sections handy. It adds a second row of links in some sub-sections.

As the images are rather large, you should use a full window. A fast connection is useful too. Tested for IE6+, FF3+, Op9+. Occasional (visual) discrepancies with InternetExplorer are not intentional – just the nature of the beast...

Some of the featured screenshots and images do require enabled Javascript and or flash (slideshows etc.). If you have them disabled, you may want to follow some of the links in the section 'Images' pointing to my cityjournals.


My basic setup: SC4 Gold/RushHour with NAM and SAM, on rare occasions also CAM, plus all kinds of custom content.

I play on a pretty old machine with a 1.8 AMD processor, 1 Gb RAM, a Radeon 9100 AGP with 128 Mb, on a 19" Sony Flatscreen, all running on Win2000.


At this point I would also like to thank all those creative minds sharing their work, ideas and thoughts at places like PLEX, STEX, LEX, KURIER and COLUMBIA.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, the easiest way would probably be through the forums at, where I spend most of my (sim-)time ;o)

If you want to set a link to this site, by all means, go ahead. Kindly use this address: