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Paeng Productions Now At SimPeg.com

All my current and future work is done and released under the roof of SimPeg.com. So the easiest way to catch me 'live' is to follow this link for an overview of what I'm up to right now :-)


Here you can find my early lots, most of which were done for my City Journals. Some of them may not be of the best quality because I was still quite inexperienced when I did them. Others were just concept lots or betas.

The lots are organized in two basic groups – MTP addons and non-MTP addons. Both have their own groups of thumbnails and download page. In addition, many of the non-MTP addons have more detailed descriptions as they are mostly larger lots and sets. The DownloadCenter will be your mainpage to download – dependencies, specs and links at a glance.



Functional Lots Eyecandy Lots Sets Non-MTP Lots
  • Utilities
  • Civics
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Landmarks with jobs
  • Landmarks
  • Scenic
  • Historical
  • Others
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Modular Lakeside Resort
  • Pathways
MTP DownloadCenter Non-MTP DownloadCenter



New Releases at SimPeg PLEX

MTP Small Civics Set
The Terrain Kit
Pond Park Family Resort
Filler Set for NAM curves
Transitions and Turbulences
PAMU Bikes Inc.
Modular Truckstop Pack

New Releases at Simtropolis STEX

Schoolbus Depot
FBI Headquarters

Who's Counting?

Broke the 100.000 views for my Stex-Uploads tonite... not that it matters, but it's kind of a 'magic' number ;-)

New Releases at SimPeg PLEX

MTP Logging Industries Addon
Waste Management Facilities
Mini Parks with Statues
CoastGuard Station w/ Airfield AddOn

New Tutorials at SimPeg Simposium

DAMN Those Full Menus
LotEditor for Beginners

Paeng Productions Now At SimPeg.com

Finally got around to add a new page with some infos on my activities over at SimPeg.com - take a look:
PLEX Collection

Paeng's Essential Shortcuts

The most needed shortcuts for fast and comfortable gameplay
Essential Shortcuts »

New and Updated Lots!

Functional industrial mine comes with 8 modular trainyard strips...
Old Mine with Trainyard »

Eyecandy lot for your logging industries...
Small Lumberyard »

Narrow Trails Version 2 with more versatile pieces...
Narrow Mountaintrails »

Krio BATs now available!

To make Krio's BATs available while his site is down, you can now access most of his work from this site.
Krio BATs »

Industrial Compounds for Rural/MTP Areas

This set of three gives you a good number of jobs for ID, IM and IH.
Industrial Compounds »

MountainTrail Connectors available

If you are into details, you may like this :-)
MT Connectors »


The Addon 'Recreational Docks' for the CSK2 PPond Canals is now available.
REC Docks »

ST Trixie Award

Won the 2009 Trixie Award as 'Most Creative Lotter' - Thank You so much, what a pleasant surprise!

MTP Goodies now available

Over the past few weeks I worked on the MTP AddOns. I overhauled most of their specs to avoid cap-blowing and other non-sensical values. Hope you like it :-))

Bats by TG

Freshly modded lots released
Disco, Nightclub, Kesko Offices, Police HQ, Tomorrow Bldg, Buchholz Tower
COM with jobs »

For special needs here are some additional files you may find helpful.